In the late 1800s, children were not given a choice of how they learn.

It is important to make sure that students are not only learning the right skills, but also learning how to learn and develop their own skills. The teachers can use AI writing assistants to provide this kind of feedback.

AI writing assistants can help children and adults improve their literacy and numeracy skills by providing useful tips for each subject. For example, an AI writer can tell a student that they should use a comma after the word „of” when writing about age or years of experience.

Some schools in the UK have already started using AI writers as part of their curriculum because it helps students learn how to think critically and formulate ideas on their own.In the late 1800s, children were not given a choice of how they learn. They were schooled in a particular way and tasks that they performed at school were prepared for them by their teachers. This process is still going on in many schools today.

Schools have been used to build up skills for all different classes of people. Students have been taught to read, do math and write since the earliest days of schooling. However, children are not just being taught these skills today – they are also being taught computers, coding and other technologies that will be used by future generations of students as well as adults.